Monday, July 16, 2012


Have you noticed that aprons are not made for curvacious women.   I recently made a half apron which is large enough for most plus size women.  It is made with 100% cotton fabric, and an up-cycled white cotton doily is used for a pocket.  I added 3 small decorative buttons on the pocket flap.  (This apron along with others will be available on my website shortly.)   I originally planned to up-cycle some white pillow cloths with embroidery, but my mother reminded that most people would not want a white apron.  Unless it is a decorative apron, white would not be a good choice.  I remember reading about a group of Amish women wanting to wear print clothing so stains or dirt would not be as visible as with a solid color.  That is so true.  Have you noticed a t-shirt with a grease stain and how it stands out like a soar thumb?  I think the apron turned out nicely.   Behind my model is a display of auction finds.  Thank you for viewing my blog.  Blessings to you and yours!

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