Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soap Making and Advanced Soap Making Class

All of my supplies are in for teaching a soap making/advanced soap making class.  I am looking at dates of:  April 7, April 14, or April 21, 2012.

Not everyone has to agree on the same date.  Small classes will allow us to create more freely.  I would like to do a soap exchange with everyone in the class who would like to do so.  I also would like to know if there is any fragrance that you do not like.

Cost:  I just want to recoup the cost of the materials, so the cost is $35.00 each.  For all participants, I have a new pair of goggles, a new pair of gloves, a new wooden spoon, a disposable plastic apron, a new silicone log mold,  fats, lye, coloring, and fragrance, and a notebook of information.  The mold should hold 4-5 pounds of soap and yes, you get to keep this.  If you have your own molds, you are not required to purchase mine.  The difference is $20.00 less for the class, or just $15.00. You are welcome to use my older molds, so long as they are returned.  I have a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.  If anyone has an extra stick blenders which you can dedicate to soap making, I would welcome you to bring one for to use in the class.

If there is any particular method you want to learn, let me know.  Swirling is always fun.  I like to layer 2  or more colors also.  My goal is for you to learn the art of soap making in a fun environment and be able to take home a quality soap for your family and still have a couple bars left for gift giving.  It is not too early to think about Christmas gifts.  LOL

If you have questions, please give me a call (316) 680-1615, or email me at dawn@custercottage.com

The classes will be held in the clubhouse at my place of employment.  There is access to restroom facilities, telephones, etc. 

Please email me at the above email and let me know what date(s) are best for you, along with your name and contact information. 

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