Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy Months

In the next couple of months we have Easter, My Birthday, My Son's Birthday, Mother's Day, and Memorial Day.  I am trying to get a few projects made for these holidays and the start of the week end craft sales.  This weekend I made 2 very small batches of soap.  Usually I make a 20-22 lb. batch, but I wanted to make some art soap and a smaller batch was necessary so I did not have 22 pounds of blue laundry soap.  LOL  What I made was Blue Roses and Martian Moon soap.  I will attempt to post pictures of them, but indoors at night with a flash is not the best for taking photos up close.  I normally do not do such dark soaps, but like I said, it is an art soap.  Blue Roses is more of a light blue teal color with some variation in color and added soap chips for texture.  The top is decorated with a few soap chips and some white mica sparkles.  It smells just like roses and it is not overpowering.  The second soap was more for the Science Fiction lovers in the family.  We all have them.  LOL  I am just teasing.  I am not one, but many friends of mine and my son fall in this category.  I made a tube of soap with the Blue Roses soap and when it set up I cut it in two.  These two pieces became the moon for the Martian Moon soap.  I did not want the background to come out the same color as the moon and I wanted it to look like night with a few stars in the sky.  I used a few chips of soap in the recipe so it would have texture and look like stars.  I also swirled the blue soap somewhat and that left interest in the sky look.  The top is decorated with a few pearl cake decorating beads, star glitter for soap making, white sparkle mica, and a few toy Martians.  The Martians are about the same color as the soap.  The fragrance is coconut, almond, and fruit smoothie.  It smells wonderful and is not girlie or manly.  If you have any comments you wish to share, give me note or a ring.  Thank you for viewing this email.  Dawn

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