Friday, December 9, 2011

Breast Cancer Ribbon Christmas Decoration

The other day, I was poked by one of my under-wire bras.  I really need the support of the under-wire, but the way they are made allows for the wire to break through the fabric and poke the hell out of my boob/arm pit area, way before the bra is worn out.  I always have issues with the right side poking through first since I am right handed.  Well, I was examining one of the under-wires I removed and I noticed that it looked very much like a wishbone/cancer ribbon combo.  I decided to crochet around the under-wire and then bend and criss cross the under-wire and support this criss cross with a tie.  I used pink ribbon to crochet with.  I tied a bow on the front with 2 colors of pink tulle.  I think a little rose would be cute at the bow.  What better way to remember a survivor of breast cancer than placing a pink ribbon made from an under-wire bra, on your Christmas tree.

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