Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's Thanksgiving Time

You know it is Thanksgiving when you can't find your car because it is buried under the leaves.

You know it is Thanksgiving when your turkey neck stairs back in the mirror and it is worse than any turkey you have ever seen!

You know it is Thanksgiving when all your friends and relatives show up.  This is a good thing, right???
I am just kidding.  I like having friends and family around...  I feel like cooking and making aprons for everyone.   I guess I know what I will be doing the rest of the week.

Tracie C. is modeling the hat for me.

I want to share a new hat I just completed.  It is crocheted with handspun yarn.  I used kid mohair and it is very curly.  I hope the curls show on the picture.  It is spun in a way that a lot of the curls and crimp show.  I made this by crocheting around the posts of the previous row's double crochet, which also makes the hat extra thick.  The hat is reversible and I used a recycled blue jean seam to weave around the bottom double crochet row.  I will be positing the directions if there is interest in them.

The mohair was purchased raw from the Mohair Loft.   I rainbow dyed it, spun it, and crocheted it.

Happy Holidays!  Dawn

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