Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Liquid Soap

Today, I am making one large batch of liquid soap in two crock pots.   I am observing differences in the way each crock pot cooks.  One is a little smaller and it cooks hotter.  The larger one required more stick blending to thicken.

I have to get masked up and gloved up since lye will burn your skin.  I can still wear pink gloves!!!
Just starting to thicken.  Crock pot 1

It is thickening and becoming a little translucent.  Crock Pot 1
The soap mixture is looking applesauce color.  Crock Pot 1

Beginning to thicken.  Crock Pot 2
Thickening, but not translucent.  Crock Pot 2
This is the second crock pot and you can see where it is becoming a little translucent, but not as translucent as the other crock pot.  This crock pot was mixed for 5  min. longer.  Crock Pot 2

The translucent mix will break into clumps and eventually become thick liquid.  Shown in this picture is the mixture with Borax and
Coloring Added.   The clumps are almost broken down.  I added fragrance.  Nice consistency and suds!
I start with oils and butters and then I add water and potassium hydroxide, (lye).  I am using shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, and palm oil in the soap.  It should be wonderful to use on the skin.  In this batch, I added coconut oil to my regular recipe and I hope to see more suds.  These ingredients are mixed and cooked in the crock pot until they become thick and translucent.  Once translucent, I add boiling water, Borax, fragrance, and coloring.  Then the soap is placed into containers and is ready to use.

My last batch of liquid soap turned out wonderful but...............  After a month or so, it developed spots.  I decided that the spots were probably due to mixing the Borax in hot water, opposed to boiling water.  The soap smells and looks very normal except for little white snowflake like spots.

Thank you for viewing and may you and yours be blessed!   Dawn

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