Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bubble Butt!

I was at Walmart tonight.  I was so excited to see that they have colored, purple, and green.  I wonder if it is 100 percent safe and if it stains clothes? 

Hint, this is what I want  for my birthday.

I bought the colored bubbles tonight which Crayola makes.  I thought a bubble making machine would be nice when I set up for a market/craft show.  Since I use pink for business colors, wouldn't pink bubbles be fun!   Well, I went by the bikes.  I have one picked out.  Of course, it is pink.  Well, if I set up a bubble machine on the bike and as I peddle the bike, the bubbles can flow behind the bike,  You don't want them to flow from the front and into your face.  If I do this, would I not be considered a bubble butt?  Now I have to figure out how to attach the machine and make sure that it is level.  I purchased the battery operated bubble machine.


Many happy bubbles to you!

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