Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Me

I have two firsts I want to share with you today.  The first of the firsts, (LOL),  is something I have desired to have for many years, but I could not justify the expense.  Why would you switch mixers just to get a color you desire more?  I purchased a KitchenAid mixer years ago.  Shortly after that they came out with pink mixers for breast cancer research.  They were hard to find and KitchenAid is not cheap.  Obviously I have drooled at the pink mixers for years.   If I have a coffee maker, a toaster oven, a microwave, etc. all in pink, I should have a pink mixer too, right?  Well, I finally babied me and bought one.  I am using the old mixer for other things such as mixing oils for my soap.  The second first is making whipped soap.  I just made some and when it has set up, it should float.  The floating is one of the reasons for making whipped soap.  It is also to have a different texture and I am looking forward to experiencing that myself.  It is fragranced with baby powder and hence the name Baby Me.  I also used jojoba beads, a tiny amount of glitter, and some oxide to add a little interest and beauty to the soap.  We will see how I did when the soap is ready to be cut.  I understand that it may take longer for the soap to set up and it is also humid here in Kansas and that may also be a contributing factor to the soap taking longer to set up.  I'll see you soon.

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Hippie Heart said...

I love your pink mixer cool wow you are super craft!!! Awesome lol