Sunday, April 4, 2010

Mohair from Kansas Connection.  eBay seller: harmony1269, Burdick, Kansas.
The tye-dye method was used to dye the mohair with red, pink, and yellow dyes.  The hat above was made with this dyed mohair, along with white mohair, and orange Cotswold wool.  The mohair was purchased raw.  It washed up nicly, but had lots of floaters (poo).  I used Jacquard dye and it takes to mohair very well.  Small pieces of mohair were pulled and hand carded with white mohair.  The white mohair was combed well, but the colored mohair was not combed or blended well.   I brushed the mohair afterward.  The brushing fluffs up the mohair and makes the garment much nicer.

What pretty flowers have bloomed on the peach tree!!! 
Happy Easter!

What a hansome guy!  I caught a quick pic while my son was playing a video game.

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