Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mohair Dying Day

At the end of the day, my son decided to become a cardinal, not exactly the appropriate hat.  lol

Cardinal Jones

Today was one of those busy days.  We worked in the yard, I did a little spinning, I dyed kid mohair, my son modeled.  I like all yarn to have varied shades of one or more colors.  I dyed some kid mohair using dark blue, green, pink, red,  and yellow.  Normally red and green make brown, but you can strategically place them, you can get the colors to do as you want.  With the left over dye-bath, I dyed more kid mohair.  I like to buy raw (dirty) wool from the farmer.  I then wash (scour) the wool and dye it.  As it is placed on a drying tray, I pull the fibers open.  The opening of the fibers allows grain, pasture, poo, and anything else in the wool to fall out.  This extra pasture and poo is called vegetable matter, or VM.  As you may have guessed, washed wool does not necessarily mean clean wool.  I am showing you pictures of drying mohair. 

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