Monday, March 9, 2009

Notice the lady in this card is knitting!
I was wondering the other day about wearing underwear that display the days of the week. I haven't seen them in stores for a long time. Were they on the underwear for teaching us the days of the week, or were they on the underwear for teaching us about hygiene, or were they for selling more underwear since you can't wear a Monday pair on a Thursday??? What if you are in an accident?

I am working on an afghan for my great-nephew Oliver. He is due to be born almost any time. The afghan looks like it is a dull yellow, but it is a very bright yellow.

I finished the cottage tea cozy, except for the lining. I am debating on changing the flowers in the window boxes and along the door. I just can't decide. Any thoughts? This is made with the tweed yarn I made in a previous post. I felted it and it will keep a pot of tea nice and warm. I line all cozies, so this will have a nice flowered lining with a layer of cotton batting. The lining will be removable so it can be washed easily. The thatched roof is made from natural colored gray wool.

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