Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bonnet Pot Holder

A while back I found an antique pot holder made in the shape of a bonnet.  I wanted to replicate it, with a few little changes.  This is what I found:

The top of the bonnet has been quilted with a sewing machine.  This is very thin.

I made a pattern.  I am not an artist.  Remember that when you view my pattern.  LOL  Oh, the pattern is free......

This is what I made.  I used ric rac instead of lace.  I also put ric rac along the bottom instead of bias tape.  I used a plastic ring to hang the bonnet instead of bias tape.  I felt that the bonnet needed to be tied.  You won't notice it, but I actually quilted the bonnet at the front and along the left of the bias tape on the top of the bonnet.
I used cotton fabric I had, but you can buy a fat quarter if you don't have fabric laying around.  I made my bias binding from more cotton fabric I had on hand, but it would have been easier to purchase some.  The cotton batting I placed inside of the bonnet was also leftover scraps from quilting projects.  The ric rac came from a package, but I doubt I used more than 12 inches.  I also had the plastic ring on hand.  All of the supplies are available at a fabric or hobby store.   I used white thread so you can see the sewing.  Matching black thread would have looked better.   

Back.  I added my label.  

I forgot to add seam allowance and I think the neck and bottom are smaller.  I think the bottom could be larger and gathered to look more realistic.  Just a  thought.  I hope you enjoy this post.  If anyone decides to make it, please let me know and send me pictures.  I would love to see it.  

Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie

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