Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I think it is funny when someone says a word or phrase incorrectly.  My granddaughter said she has a footdad.  She meant stepdad.  Foot, step; so similar. LOL  The other day a lady was in our office and talked about a neighbor child who was autistic.  She kept saying that the child was artistic.  

Isn't spring beautiful?  It has taken about 25 years to get the wisteria to bloom so well.  The fragrance permeates the air on the strong, Kansas winds.

 In the back of the house, I have a lilac bush.  I had to bring some lilac beauty and fragrance in the house.  I had to place one of my socks from a current project onto the table.

Grandbaby 1 and I planted herbs together last week.  We had a pretty good success rate.  The packages were kits so it would have been hard to mess up.

I started making fireplace mantle covers, dresser scarves, buffet covers, or whatever they can be used for covers.  One edge has hand dyed wool locks which can go to the front edge, or hang over the front edge.  This one is reversible and totally different.  

See the new chicks.  They are growing!  I may have eggs this time next year.  Last week we lost one of our adult chickens to a neighborhood dog attack.  A second chicken lost her tail feathers.  She may have a bite on the top of her back, but she is holding on well.  The third one was not injured and gives moral support to the injured one.  We have a variety of colors and breeds with the new chicks.  

What projects are you working on?  I have some project bags ready to sew.  I hope to start a knitted pillow, another pair of socks, and a large rug.  

Have a great week!!!  Dawnie

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