Sunday, August 12, 2018

Did you ever want a fireplace mantle cover with a little pizzazz??? Look at this. It is fresh and exciting.

 New dresser scarves, buffet covers, or fireplace mantle covers with little fiber locks.

The beginnings of my buffet cover.

After I got this far, I decided to purchase a felting machine.  It is like a sewing machine, but it does not have thread, just felting needles.  Felting needles resemble fish hooks on the ends.  This allows for the wool to be felted or small amounts to be pushed to the other side of the fabric.

I tried the edge of a decorative pillow with the new felting machine.  It worked very well and goes much faster than by hand with 1 to 3 needles.  

The recent accident in Branson, Missouri where Tia Coleman lost 9 family members on a Duck Boat that tipped over, really got to me. I have been on vacation in Branson and have ridden on a duck boat. After reading that her deceased husband was found with all 3 of their deceased children and about the promise he made of always taking care of her and her children.  This family must have been remarkable!  Can you imagine the love and compassion this family had for each other! 
These are the quotes from the KAKE news article:"Somebody told me that when they found my husband, he had all three of my babies," Coleman told Anderson Cooper on "Anderson Cooper Full Circle," a daily interactive news show on Facebook Watch. "So the reason I couldn't find them is because he was protecting them."
"That right there will keep me fighting for my family forever," Coleman said. "To know that he did (was) exactly what he always told me when we first met: 'I will always take care of you and our children.'"   
I challenge each and every one of us today to stand tall and take responsibility for our children and grandchildren.  Model the correct behavior and show them the right way to care for family. 
My new powder puff.

I found a use for vintage broaches.
Interesting roving wall hanging

Fermented Suint Vat Wool Cleaning Method

There is a method of cleaning wool that is becoming popular, even though it is not a new method.  It is where wool is placed in water and allowed to ferment.  Sheep make suint which is their sweat.  This is a natural cleaner. One of the best places online to view this method is at:

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