Monday, April 30, 2018


I have been looking for an inexpensive table for my peg loom.  Looks were not so much of an issue, so long as it was sturdy.  I figured I could always paint the table if it was scratched up.  I may need to use clamps with the loom, so I didn't want the top of the table to be too thick.  I wanted a table long enough for the loom, or at least the loom legs, but not too wide and take up extra space I wasn't using.  When the loom is not in use, I can put it in the storage with the table.   I have the largest size of loom Dewberry Ridge makes (I think).  It is 49" long.                                  
I went to 2 antique stores and looked on the internet and I found a sofa table I thought would work.  When I got to the store, I realized that the sofa table was too short, but in the store was another table that worked.  

A Facebook fiber group that I am in, sells raw wool.  A few of the women in the group were using herb and seed dryers to hold their drying wool.  I had to give it a try.  It works great!  It was only $19.44.

Do you have any special equipment you use for your crafts that you would like to share?  

I hope you had a great weekend.  I had a quiet weekend.  Dawnie

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