Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fabric Crocheting

I like to crochet with fabric every now and then.  I use cotton quilting fabric in strips about 3/4 of an inch wide to 1" wide.  I make Rag rugs, pot holders, etc.  When using fabric, I use a larger crochet hook than when I crochet with yarn.  My hand muscles hurt after using the larger hook since it is not my normal hook size.  I only use one brand of crochet hook.  I love the way they fit my hand and of course they are pink.  If only they had glitter in them, they would be perfect.  LOL  I use Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook, 10.5/6.5mm/K.  It is smaller than many rug makers use.  I see many rug makers using a blue Boye plastic crochet hooks in a size S or so.   That is too large for me to grip comfortably.  My great-grandmother used a wooden hook.  It was larger than what I use.  I feel more comfortable with a metal hook since it is stronger.  I broke a few wooden hooks when I started crocheting fabric.  There are always fabric threads that get caught on the hook when I crochet with fabric---OK, I just pull too hard.  

I decided to make a bowl by crocheting a circle and then not increasing stitches so the sides would curve up.  I used a strip of fabric which was approximately one inch wide.  Along with that fabric, I used a novelty eyelash yarn.  As I crocheted, my bowl looked like a nest.  I hate to give up on such a lovely creation.  I placed a decorative Christmas bird ornament in the nest and went with it.  It is cute.....not what I originally planned.  I think one of those comments about getting lemons and making lemonade should go here.

I recently made 3 fabric trivets.  One was made with two different fabrics.  It can also be used as a pot holder.  (Rustic yet shabby chic)  The second was made with eyelash yarn, fabric strips, and a sparkle yarn.  This turned out real pretty, but the sparkle yarn is almost invisible.  In the third trivet, I used handspun Merino yarn to crochet an edge around the trivet. The yarn was mostly pink variegated but it had a pink, curly Wensleydale/Columbia locks placed in-between a second yarn as it was plied through the spinning wheel. I haven't decided if I like this trivet.  

  I used handspun yarn throughout the complete trivet, along with fabric strips.  It is all natural wool or cotton.  The curly wool is pretty, but I an not real a big fan of this trivet.   

Trivet made with fabric, eyelash yarn, fabric strips, and sparkle yarn.  The sparkle yarn barely shows.  I think I would use two strands of sparkle next time.

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