Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dream Home

If you are looking for a dream home, what do you look for?  I love older homes, especially Victorian homes.  The water pressure is probably poor unless the home has newer plumbing.  The electric outlets are minimum and it will need rewired.  The plug-ins are not 3 prong but are 2 prong.  Older homes have more character, but newer homes have more conveniences.  One of the reasons I like older homes is the older plants that are established and surround the homes.  You know what I am talking about, spirea bushes, lilac bushes, iris plants, climbing rose bushes, peony plants, weeping willow trees, fruit trees.....  What do you look for in a dream home?  Drive around and view old homes and mature plants.  My house is not Victorian, it was built in the late 70's   My wisteria started to bloom.  I have buds on rose bushes, leaves are greening up.  Spring is beautiful!!!  Some of my fond memories are with Grandma Johnson talking about the kind of plants she had growing around her home.  She grew Hen and Chicks.  I can't get them to grow.  Her favorite flower was an iris.  She had a border of lilac bushes and an apricot tree.  My Grandmother Shull introduced me to peonies and hollyhocks.  She had a large garden and many fruit trees.  I grew up picking cherries. 

Thanks for viewing!  Dawnie

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