Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Do you remember when your grandmother was having company and she had to tidy up?  She said she would give her house "a lick and a promise."  I miss those old fashioned sayings.  Today, it seems that every sentence contains the f-word.  Why?  Have we lost all of our skills at using the English language?  When you can tell someone to go to hell with a smile and make it look so inviting that they ask for directions, we don't need the f-word.  I know, everyone uses it.  "Would you jump off a bridge if everyone else did?"  My mom would ask us that when we told her that everyone else did something and we might die if we didn't do it too.  Yes, I became my mom a long time ago.  I hear the same words coming out of my mouth that she used.  Furthermore, I use the same words my grandmother used.  I have the phobia about people sticking an arm or hand out a car window while I am driving. The phobia was given to me by my grandmother.  "How would you feel if a bird came by and took off your hand or if we went across a bridge and you hit the side of the bridge and lost your hand?"


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