Monday, February 22, 2016

Black and red reversible tea cozy with alternate toppers

I completed this reversible tea cozy this weekend.  It is knitted with a yarn that is mostly wool.  An iridescent fiber is added to the yarn which gives off the sparkle  The edges are trimmed are in crochet.  I like using wool which keeps the teapot warmer than many fibers.  Making a lining also aids the teapot in keeping warm.  If I am going to line the cozy, why not make the lining reversible? There is a pom pom to tie on the top loops on either side, or a jewel to hang.  My sister made the cameo jewel.  I am not much of a jewelry maker.  I love jewelry, but I can't wear it due to allergies.
This yarn happens to be machine washable, but the toppers need to removed.  I always recommend to hand wash handmade items, even if the yarn is machine washable. Do you like the crazy looking tea cozies or the more traditional looking cozies?

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