Sunday, January 17, 2016

Scrubbie yarn and Circling Taiwan Swirl Soap

Have you seen the new scrubbie yarn?  Most of the adds I have viewed have been from Red Heart Yarn.  I purchased some from another company so I could test it.  It is polyester and has a little scratchier feel than normal yarn.  It is not harsh, but it would aid in cleaning dishes or exfoliating your skin.  I made a few dishrags and a rose scrubbie.  I think any of what I have made will work in the kitchen or in the bath, even on a face.  As I was experimenting, I knitted a second yarn along with the scrubbie yarn and made a potholder.  Here is a link for some of the Red Heart Yarn at Amazon:

Rose crocheted scrubbie.

Pot holder with 3 buttons on the top.
Amy Warden at Great Cakes Soap Challenge Club has a new challenge for January.  It is called the Circling Taiwan Swirl Soap.  Basically the soap loaf mold is divided into 4 sections lengthwise.  In the 4 sections at lease 3 colors of soap batter is poured.  Then the dividers are removed and a back and forth action with a tool such as a skewer or a spoon handle is used to mix the colors and give them a swirl into each other.  After that is done all of the way across the soap mold, you circle the mold edges on the inside a couple of times with that same tool.  This action makes the swirls start to tilt.  Once the soap is unmolded, the soap is cut into bars approximately 2 1/4 inches thick and then cut across through the center of the bar.  A lotus pattern should show up on one end of the mold.  My version of this challenge is:


After it came out of the mold.  Notice the blue turned to purple.

These are the cuts.  The mold is small so I only got 6 bars of soap.  The ends are to make a lotus pattern.  Maybe they do.  I think I should have swirled more and made my cris-cross design smaller.  I do like the center design the best.

Don't you agree that the center 2 pieces look the best.  See the heart in the center at the bottom.  I swirled the blue color with white and also the coral color with white.  The two other sections were swirled with both coral, blue, and white.  Since the directions were designed with 4 equally wide sections and mine soap was made with 2 large and 2 small sections, this may also have influenced my design.

This was my first attempt at the Circling Taiwan Swirl Design.  I don't think either end cut would be nice enough to enter into the contest.   I did get some experience with the design and I enjoyed making the soap.  

I may make another........................


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