Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lavender Rose Soap---Using an Impression Mat and Mica

First test with another soap.
Silicone lined molds.  The contest is for the log mold only.

Adding the mica,

Oils and additives ready for lye.

The color is a little pinkish.

I added a little lavender color and gave a tiny amt. of swirl.

Soap is in the mold--see the swirl in the soap.  Unfortunately the mold bows a little.  The frosting tool is nice to use.

Making soap with impression mats is the December soap challenge from the great cakes soap challenge club.  My loaf soap with this technique: 

FYI:  A great website for soap makers is
She answers a lot of labeling questions.

Thank you for viewing.  Have a great weekend! Dawnie

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Amy Warden said...

Very pretty! Excellent purple color for this soap! The mat is exquisite and fits the scent perfectly. Well done, Dawn!

Debi Olsen said...

The colors are so subtle and beautiful! They are really, really pretty. Great job!

evas soap basket said...

I like the subtle amount of swirl you used! Lovely, Lovely design with your doily. :)

Sara Golding said...

So lovely. The lavender is so fitting for this soap!

Unknown said...

Its delicately beautiful. Awesome job!!

Unknown said...

Dawn, Your soaps are beautiful! I love the lace and the color fits perfectly with the name, the swirl, everything! Great job!

I'll Pour said...

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments!!!!!It is really appreciated! Dawnie

Unknown said...

The colour, scent and style all match nicely together. But, more than anything, looking at your blog I think this soap totally fits your style. Great job!

I'll Pour said...

Thank you Anna. I am so blessed that so many have viewed my blog. Merry Christmas! Dawnie