Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tall/Skinny Soap Molds

I like the look of the tall/skinny soap.  It is the new popular soap size among the soap making community.  I purchased 4 tall/skinny molds this year.  2 from one vendor and 2 from another.  I love the size of the first one, but it is a fairly short mold (approx.10 long).  With this mold, it is hard to remove the soap because it is less flexible.  The other mold is about 1/2 shorter in height and it is about 2 inches longer.  This mold is so much easier to remove the soap from.  All of these molds are silicone and all soap should be easily removed.  Yesterday I tried to make a soap using these molds again.  I thought it may be the recipe of the soap, so I used a different recipe.  I had the same results this time, except none of the soap stuck to the bottom of the mold like last time.  This soap was a harder soap.  With the new soap, I also wanted to see how dark rose leaf powder will make my soap.  I used bubblegum pink and a yellow/green mica for an in-the-pot swirl to give the soap some color.  I also used titanium dioxide to whiten the soap.  A little white mica was also in the main color of the soap.  The mica was so beautiful!  The shimmer of the colors just takes my breath away.  The fragrance was fresh cut roses.  It is not one of the better smelling roses I have smelled.  The last one I purchased was several years ago from Ellen's Essentials.  It was a true rose and kept the fragrance for a long, long time.
The texture was from the paper towel.  I wiped the soap off after I tested the bubble factor and smell.

I will re-visit this picture in a few months to see the color of the soap and if the rose powder made it darken.  When I used the rose powder before, I used it with a fragrance that caused soap to darken, so I am not sure what will happen.

What size of soap do you like to use?  I like the unique look of round soap, but so many of it has too  many air bubbles.  When it is made in a long tube, it tends to be difficult to remove all of the air bubbles.

When I made this soap, I sprinkled the top with dried rose petals and mica.  When I cut the soap, the rose petals left drag marks.  To avoid the drag marks, I could have cut the soap loaf upside down.   I didn't like the look of the top after I cut the soap, so I cut the tops off.  I think it looks much better with a plain top.

Did you do anything interesting this weekend?

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