Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Little Signs

I purchased a couple of small items for placing signs on my baskets/containers of soap when I am at a festival.  I tried clothes pins (decorated and plain), laminated signs tied on with lace and ribbon, laminated signs with Velcro, and cards set inside containers or in front of containers.  With Kansas wind, cards blow away.  With shoppers, signs move unless they are tied or clipped down.  Even the samples get moved to the wrong soap containers.

I found clear plastic clips which attach onto the basket/container and allow for a sign to be attached to the other side like a clip board.  There is also a joint in the middle that allows for movement between the top and bottom of the clip

I found paper made to be used with chalk or with a chalk florescent chalk marker.   It can be re-used again and again.  It looks more like a chalk board when it has been erased a time or two.  The dark chalk board stands out with the florescent chalk.  It also matches my logo. 

After my last festival, I came to realize that the ingredients of each bar of soap printed in larger lettering should be with each type/kind of soap.  I like to experiment so I seldom make two of the same kind/type of soap.  I also like to provide all of the ingredients and not just a few.  I don't like to tell people I make shea butter soap when most of my soaps contain shea butter and that is just one of the ingredients.  I have a lot of allergies and I want the purchaser to know what he or she is purchasing.  I provide the ingredients on each soap label, but people want to see ingredient lists without wearing reading glasses or squinting. 

I like to wrap my soaps, but the beauty and smell of the soap is important.  I leave a sample soap out for anyone to fondle.  I am placing a sample sign on the sample soap.

I am identifying the soap by name or fragrance.  Also on the sign, I supply a little information about the fragrance unless it is a common fragrance everyone could identify, such as cinnamon or vanilla.

I want to show you my new signs.

How has your week been so far?  It has been sunny here and most of the rain has stopped.  I don't like the heat, but I like the sunny days. 
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