Sunday, December 21, 2014


To make decals, I purchased inkjet waterslide decal paper from
Once I printed out what I want to use, I cut the design out and sprayed the top of it with aerosol decal fixative.  Once this dried, I soaked the picture in water until the decal slipped off the backing paper.  (This is like the fake tattoos the kids use.)  Now comes the hard part.  Placing the decal on what ever you want to place it on.  I like using canning jars so I sprinkled a couple drops of water on the flat part of the jar, placed the slipped decal on this area, and smoothed the decal down.  They make decal squeegees for this purpose, but I misplaced mine as usual.  I like my decals to look antiqued.  Since no antique pictures survive without a few nicks and missing corners, I remove a little of the decal.  This also gives me leeway if I mess up a little.  LOL  Once the decal is dry, I sprayed it with a clear lacquer.  (My lacquer actually turned a little brown, so the decals are more antiqued than intended. 

The blue jars on the left are for storing herbs for soap making.  I ordered some new herbs and I needed containers to store them. 

Megan helped make decals too.

How was your weekend???  I hope you enjoyed your time.  Dawnie

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