Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The 2 cards next to the yarn are new business cards I am experimenting with.
I have been dying wool and spinning.  I had some Border Leicester X wool to wash and dye.  I used two blues and a pink for dying in a somewhat rainbow method.  The wool turned out to be a lovely shade of blue.  There was some yellowing in the wool and that area became more of a teal once dyed.  All together the varied tones make for a more interesting yarn to me.  I made 2 plies and for the second ply I added 3 colors of Mylar with the wool. (silver, light blue, dark blue)

I also put bakers twine and yarn strings on a few price tags.  It seems that my price tags do not stand out enough for people, so I am trying the larger tags in varied pink colors.

The boys found a possum in the chicken coop.  We lost 2 chickens in this last week.  We live in the city so it is a little unusual to find a possum in our yard.

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What have you been up to lately???

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