Monday, October 20, 2014

Greek Yogurt

Lately I have been making Greek yogurt.  It is expensive to purchase and my favorite is usually in limited supply at the local grocery store, so I thought I would give it a try.  Years ago I make yogurt with a yogurt maker which had individual cups.  It was fine, but I like the thicker Greek yogurt now.  I purchased a new yogurt maker so I can make a one-container batch instead of using smaller individual containers.  I pour the finished yogurt into a muslin bag after I remove it from the machine and I let it drain for several hours in the refrigerator.  The whey comes out and the yogurt thickens due to the loss of this liquid.  There are ways to use the whey liquid, but I can't digest it well, so I usually toss mine.  I understand it is a great substitute for buttermilk.   I haven't done the math, but I am sure I have saved a little money by making my own yogurt.  In the first batch I used a purchased yogurt starter, but after that, I use 2 heaping teaspoons of yogurt as a starter.

Greek yogurt without any flavorings or sweeteners may possibly be substituted for cream cheese or sour cream in your favorite recipes.  It tastes very similar, but it is a bit more bitter.

I prefer to just add local honey in plain Greek yogurt.  It can be eaten this way alone, spread onto crackers, or eaten with fresh fruit.  Since apples are in season, I have enjoyed yogurt dipped with sliced apples as of late.  My peach sauce I canned earlier this year is also exceptional when added to Greek yogurt. 

If you have considered making yogurt, give it a try and you will shirley like it.  This is the link to the yogurt maker I purchased.

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Have a great week!  Dawnie


Unknown said...

I love yogurt! Especially with fresh chopped peaches! It's really refreshing for a hot summer day! I am visiting from the Pin Junkie Party!

I'll Pour said...

Thank you Zografia. I really enjoy yogurt as an evening snack. It fills you up well too.