Monday, April 1, 2013

Foolish Mistake

My son received an invitation to go to an city wide award ceremony for school.  Well, the letter said Dylan.  No last name was on the letter, but the envelope was addressed to him correctly.  There was criteria for the award, but I did not read it well and it said something about being a leader and roll model.  He is a good leader and roll model most of the time.  He has become much more responsible and has always tried to lead his friends down the right path.   He doesn't want his friends to make some of the mistakes he has made in his past, so he shares his experiences with others.  Tonight we arrived at the ceremony and he checked in.  As Dylan read the names on the award roster, he noticed it was for Dylan L. and not for Dylan J.  They should have caught it when he checked in, but they would have only heard the Dylan from Chisholm.  He was so gracious about the situation.  I doubt most people would have taken it so well.  We had to wait for the principal to arrive and make sure the award was for the other Dylan.  The principal stated that she gave the letter to someone on her staff to mail and the staff member mailed it to the wrong Dylan.  Oops!  Of course we were asked if we wanted to stay and attend the ceremony and everyone was so sorry that this mistake happened.   We chose to leave and go out to dinner at a reasonably nice place as a family unit.  This situation made us all look and feel foolish, but mostly the school looked foolish.  Both first and last names need to be on all correspondence.  I would hate for this to happen again to someone else. 

How was your April Fools Day?  I hope it was a fun April Fool prank if you played one or received one.  Blessings to you all!  Dawnie

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