Thursday, March 28, 2013

Run Chicken Run

I have a problem with a neighbor dog that tunnels under the fence and attacks my chickens.  Despite my yelling and pleading with the dog owner, I am afraid it may happen again.  I have priced dog runs and they tend to be very expensive.  I found a double sized dog run in Craigslist.  Once it was delivered and partially put together, I found that it was damaged on the door side and would not stretch out and be plum no matter what pushing and pulling we attempted to do.  However, it fit perfectly in the yard and butts up to the corners of the screened in side of the chicken coop.  It allows our girls to have much play space and even a shade tree.  I opened an area for them to go in and out of in the end portion of the screened side of the coop.  I need to beautify this opening, but the girls should be happy in their new chicken run.    

Thank you for viewing!  May the Lord bless you!  Dawnie

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Clare said...

I'd call the dog catcher... :)