Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Priceless Photo and Much More

Dylan and Joy.

Dylan and Yang

We all have those pictures that warm the heart and then we have those that bring a smile to the face.  You know the goofy ones.  All of us have had a photo taken where we looked like the village idiot.  Tonight I have one of the heart warming and one of the other to show you.  We purchased a hat and scarf for Yang, one of our dogs.  Yang was modeling the hat for the camera.  The hat has two light reflecting stripes on the top, so the camera light gives off a glare from this hat.  Both of our little dogs are from the pound and each of them are missing a couple of teeth.  When teeth are missing in a small dog, his or her tongue tends to slip out of the usual place.  Yang also has a little bit of a cataract, so it shows up a little different too.  Due to the cute little tongue sticking out of Yang's mouth, my son calls Yang his "special little boy." 

I also finished making a knitted scarf.  The yarn is one of those I picked up at a store that buys store close outs.  The yarn is a pretty blue with little black specks on a thin netting type of material in the yarn.  I made a caterpillar type scarf with a loop on one side to slip over a vintage black button embellished with rhinestones on the other side.

I am blessed to work a large apartment community which is surrounded by a lake.   Even though we are still in the city, we are surrounded by the lake, mature trees, and a couple of farm fields.  This keeps out or buffers some of the street traffic noise and allows me to maintain a calmer disposition.  (Something I really need.)  I am sending you a calming photo.  

Gardening Idea:  Let the squash climb over the porch swing and shade the top when the fabric top wears out.

May the Lord Bless You and Yours!  Dawn

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