Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cube Soap

I have always enjoyed the cube shape or square soaps.  I see pure olive oil soaps made this way and also French soaps.  Most of the time the soaps are plain colored and have round stamps in the center of each side of the soap.  I ordered ice cube trays made with silicone which were two inch in size.  When they arrived, they were a little flimsy and seemed too small.  I can not cut very straight so I usually don't like to use slab molds.  I decided to use a large slab mold to try cutting the cubes anyway.  Once I made the soap and I looked at the design on the outside, I was very disappointed.  It was plain and kind of ugly.  The mold was larger than I needed, so I planned to cut bars of soap with the extra soap.  Once I cut into the soap, (of course it was not too straight), the beauty of the soap shined through.  It turned out amazing!  My son thought it looked like wood grain.  I recently viewed a magazine photo of cubed soap and the comments stated that the soap was three inch cubes.  When I cut a cube that size, I found it to be too large for a woman's hand and most of the people who purchase my soap are women.  2.5 inches or 2.25 inches are a much better size for a woman's hand.  I also learned that any soap that is not cut into bars where the sides will show, will not display the decorations made in the soap, such as the marbling-- unless it is made on the top of the bar.  My future cubes will probably be in a specially designed mold so I don't waste so much soap.  I will also stick to a fairly plain design and use the creative adventures for bar soaps, where they will be cut with a special cutter and not hand cut.  Not that I won't use stamps on the soap.  LOL

In this soap, I tried Dragons Blood fragrance.  I heard rave reviews for the fragrance, so I thought I would try it.  When my order arrived, I really didn't like it.  I doctored it up with a little baby powder fragrance and a tad bit of peach fragrance.  I like the fragrance now.  Once I quit worrying about mixing the unusual together, I get better fragrance blends.  A friend of mine writes proprietor's blend on her labels.  It means that the soap company owner blends her or his own fragrances, but it sounds pretty fancy.  I may have to do that in the future.  LOL 

I placed 9 ounces of soap shreds into the soap mixture once it was at trace.  The shreds were light blue and yellow. The fragrance turns the soap brown so I used a small amount of titanium dioxide, (to keep the soap white), in the main soap along with a few drops of color and attempted a little in the pot swirl.  I used robins egg blue and sapphire coloring.  I then removed 4  cups of soap and placed it in two containers and mixed more of the coloring and titanium dioxide in these containers--one was sapphire and one was robins egg blue.  I mixed these two colors into the main soap with a little more in the pot swirl.  The colors should consist of:  light robins egg blue, darker robins egg blue, light sapphire, darker sapphire, base, (light brownish) color, darker base color, the light blue shreds and the light yellow shreds.  The colors actually contain a green and a purple too.  I think the brown will get darker as the soap cures, but only time will tell. 

Three Days Later:

It took me a few days to get photos taken and some of the colors faded, but all of the marbling/swirls are there.  It really looks nature inspired.  What do you think?  Yes, I am still trying to learn to take great soap shots.  This is one of the things on my bucket list. 

I hope those that make soap and those that find soap making interesting will enjoy my blog.  I try not to be too technical without explaining a little now and then.  If you find it enjoyable, let me know.  If it is too technical or not technical enough, let me know that also.  Thank you for reading my blog.  
Shine On!   Dawn

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