Monday, August 15, 2011

I had this idea for 2 years and I finally completed it.

If you are a creative person, you dream about colors, designs, and ways to make your next project unique.  I purchased a vintage ruched French ombre ribbon on eBay which was made for hats or considered to be millinery.   The design was a purple and gold pansy.  You can find similar flowers on eBay for much less, but they are not vintage.  This flower was about $45.00.  The non-vintage flowers I viewed on eBay are priced from $9.00 to $29.00.  One of my sister's gifts at Christmas to me was vintage ribbons.  In the box of ribbons, I found some black netting, or what may be called cage veiling.  I placed the netting behind the pansy and I knew it had to be together.  All I needed to do now was spin the wool to match and crochet or knit the hat.  I think hats, such as stocking caps look great with vintage millinery on the cap.  The hat is made with a Merino wool and plied with a kid Mohair and a little purple Mylar for sparkle.  Both wools were purchased from the farmer.  I washed, dyed, and spun the wool.  The wool is not one solid color, it varies from a blue purple to a pink purple.   There are a few intentional fuzzies from the mohair.   Well, it took about 2 years to get this project together.  It did not take 2 years to spin the wool, more like 2 days to spin the wool and put the hat together.  It took 2 years to get in the right mood and have the right materials together to make the hat.  LOL  I am pleased with the way the hat turned out.  I hope you like it as well as I do.   Unfortunately, due to the cost of the flower, fiber, and all of the labor, the hat will be priced rather high.  I don't expect to get paid for all of my labor when I price projects, but I do have to price them so my material costs are covered.

Please excuse the odd hat display, mine good display is at the consignment shop and when last viewed it was displaying someone else's hat.  LOL  I used a paper towel holder and a pink bowl for this display.   My lense also has a scratch on it and it has a light blur on the middle of the lense on the left side.

Thank you for viewing my blog.  I hope you and yours are truly blessed!  Dawn 

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WonderWhyGal said...

Your hat is beautiful. I understand the part about finding the inspiration.