Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a Charming Life I Lead!

I have been making charms and other bobbles to hang from tea cozy loops and from Sunday Undies. They are all different and have evolved over the years. I still use the cell phone charm lanyard on occasion and the picnic tablecloth clasp; however, I prefer the silver or silver plated lobster claws. The charms vary in cost and materials. I have used antique buttons, handmade sculpted roses and carrots, and I have purchased various bobbles for my charms. Rather than placing all of the charms in a container, I decided to place them on a long crocheted cord made from novelty yarn. Now I can hang the cord and look at my pretties anytime, along with having the ability to visually see if the charm will match or coordinate with my newly made item. As an ultra-feminine woman, I have to add a little bling to everything.

Blessings to You and Yours! Dawn

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