Friday, January 29, 2010

A few months ago, I came upon a blog that gave me an interesting idea. Small crocheted pansies like the ones you would normally see on a doily, were placed on a crocheted string and made into a bunting, or what we may call a garland. She used the pattern from a doily to make the pansies. I happened to have a few doilies with various flowers crocheted on them. I thought that the flowers could be removed from the doily and made into a garland, so the bunting would already be vintage and less crocheting would be needed. I reused the center doily cotton My inspiration blog is Knot Garden at and the post was from July 13, 2009. My idea worked very well. I hoped to save the green leaves, but the yarn was too weathered and it broke as I unraveled the top. I saved one and placed it by a flower to show how it could look with leaves. As you see, I did not use a pansy, but I think it is equally beautiful.

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Knot Garden said...

Very pretty, I think that's worked really well!
Best wishes