Thursday, July 9, 2009

WIP or Work In Progress

I am finally making this tea cozy and Sunday Undie. This was a BFL wool that I spun this past winter. The fabric has teapots on it and also gold metallic decoration. I wanted a ruffle on the bottom of the cozy from the lining fabric and a decorative trim on the wool cozy at the bottom. I achieved this goal by putting elastic in the lining just above the area I wanted a ruffle. I put extra fabric in the lining to allow the fabric to move with the lining. The elastic is the best choice for the ruffle since I want the fabric and fiber to fit over the teapot. I know you have seen tea cozies that have ribbon strung through it and you have to untie the bow and put the teapot in the cozy and then tie the bow up making a ruffle as you draw the fabric up by pulling on the ribbon. If a tea cozy is a pain to put on the teapot, it will not get used. I want cozies which are functional and attractive. I do have vintage seam binding lace tied on one side, but it is not necessary to untie it. It is just decorative.

These colors go very well together. The cozy could be reversed. I want the inside to look as neatly made as the outside of the cozy.

With this lining, I used a black bias tape band sewn on the fabric as the tube to put elastic in, and it just does not match. I really did not need anything sewn on, since I had doubled lining. I could have just sewn 2 rows about 1/2 inch apart and it would have made a tube. I will be redoing the black bias tape, when I dig out my sewing machine. I put it away in the basement and now I need it again. I always have several projects going at one time, so I may surprise you when it gets done.

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