Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tweed Yarn

I was in Ravelry not too long ago and one of the new spinners asked how to make tweed yarn. There are several ways to do this, however I thought I would explain one of the simple ways to make tweed yarn. I recently purchased some fiber from Scottish Fibers. Yes, they are in Scotland. The fiber is called seaweed wool. Well, it is not made from seaweed, but the sheep eat seaweed primarily. The wool has to be separated and the guard hair removed. The part left is very soft, but you do see some guard hairs hanging out of the wool. It reminds me of Jacob wool, as far as the guard hairs hear and there. After I washed the wool, I didn't think it was quite as soft as before. Part of that was probably due to the fact that wool is not as soft after it is spun and not due to the washing. I spun the wool in the original white color. I divided the wool into two hanks of yarn. I dyed one hank a medium blue. I died the other hank in a royal blue dye bath. On purpose, I tied the yarn with a tight piece of yarn, so that part would stay white. I used a little of the left over white and plied it with a variegated blue of one of those mystery wools. I made a hat to show you how the tweed would look knitted up, and also took pictures of how the tweed would look on the hank. I hope this post will be helpful for a spinner wanting to make tweed.

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