Sunday, July 7, 2019

Egg Basket Liner

I made a prototype egg basket liner.  I picked up 2 small green baskets at Atwood's yesterday.   One of the newer chicks laid her first egg!  How did I know?  It was brown and the older hen lays white eggs.

The basket on the right is the prototype egg basket liner.  The one on the left is a tea towel and doily in a taller basket.
 The smiles are from Dakota.  I will publish directions soon.  

We have a couple new Silkie chicks in the brooder, so the new babies get a lot of hugs and kisses from the grandbabies.


Monday, July 1, 2019

Spinning, Knitting, Ravelry

I did a little spinning on the back patio.

This is Icelandic wool.

I completed a small shawl.  I started knitting the Souvineer Shawl, but I put a shell stitch edge on the bottom in crochet.  I didn't have enough yarn to make the [pattern as it is shown. The fiber is hand dyed by me on 100 percent Merino Superwash wool.  I love the color, but it makes it hard to see the design since the yarn is so busy.

How was your weekend?

Has anyone heard about Ravelry banning any speech, designs, or any talk or support for President Trump???  They did not ban political comments, just Trump since they felt he is a white supremacist.  He may be, but he was elected by the people and support for our country does not make me a white supremacist.  I am not much of a Trump fan, but what they decided to do was just wrong.  I know Ravelry is individually owned and they can make changes as they see fit.  I personally feel that all religion, politics, race, and gender discussions should not go on in a format like Ravelry.  I just want to view other completed works and purchase a pattern or two.  I don't need to know about the person's race, creed, religion, etc....  Many people have canceled memberships with Ravelry.

Didn't your grandma tell you not to talk about religion and politics at the table?  This is the same thing.

This grandma tells you not to talk about religion, politics, abortion, gender, and anything else that can get people in a heated discussion.  Don't ask, don't tell!


Monday, June 3, 2019


I just finished a new cowl.  It is called the Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset Cowl.  It is designed by Laura Concert.  I used Yarn Rehab/Meadowcroft Dyeworks
Moon Lorn in m-232 - Dawson  
Superwash Merino Fingering Weight

I made a couple changes from the pattern.  I guess when you make a mistake, you call it a design element now.  LOL  For some reason I must have been one off on the center row of the first lace rows.  I didn't notice it until the second lace rows.   I decided to leave it that way and try to duplicate it on the last lace rows.  Hence, the design element.   I also eliminated the last repeat between the ribbing and the last lace stitches.  I wanted the top and the bottom to match.    I blocked the cowl, but not too much.  I like the purl stitches between the lace stitches to pop up somewhat.  The yarn was OK, but the ball fell apart because of my poor yarn winder tool.  I misplaced the good winder.  I think I spent as much time untangling the yarn as knitting with the yarn.

What have you made lately?  I hope you had a great weekend.  Thank you for viewing!

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Monday, May 27, 2019

New Project Bags

I took some time off from Etsy.  I have been busy with family, work, etc.  I now have more project bags listed.


More will soon be listed.  Thank you for viewing.  Have a great holiday weekend.  

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Thank you!  Dawnie

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Vintage Pot Holders

I love vintage pot holders.  They are smaller than ones we currently use so they are not very practical.  I like to use them for decor and for coasters.  It is amazing how many people do not use coasters under his or her drinks. The excuse I hear is that the table is not wood, or the table top has a finish to prevent water stain rings.  I still use coasters because I don't like the dirty spills or the wet ring.  I found a couple of unusual pot holders recently. 

I loved the rick rack woven into the pot holder.  My first prototype came out pretty big and had a few too many stitches in it making it ripple.  This prototype is in the background of the 2nd picture.  I made it pink and maroon.  I followed the example below with the exception of the size of yarn, hook, and rick rack.  If there is interest in this pattern, I can provide it for you.  No cost.

The pansies are reversible.  One side purple and one side yellow.  

What do you think about the pansy pot holders?

Have a great week!   Dawn

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


I think it is funny when someone says a word or phrase incorrectly.  My granddaughter said she has a footdad.  She meant stepdad.  Foot, step; so similar. LOL  The other day a lady was in our office and talked about a neighbor child who was autistic.  She kept saying that the child was artistic.  

Isn't spring beautiful?  It has taken about 25 years to get the wisteria to bloom so well.  The fragrance permeates the air on the strong, Kansas winds.

 In the back of the house, I have a lilac bush.  I had to bring some lilac beauty and fragrance in the house.  I had to place one of my socks from a current project onto the table.

Grandbaby 1 and I planted herbs together last week.  We had a pretty good success rate.  The packages were kits so it would have been hard to mess up.

I started making fireplace mantle covers, dresser scarves, buffet covers, or whatever they can be used for covers.  One edge has hand dyed wool locks which can go to the front edge, or hang over the front edge.  This one is reversible and totally different.  

See the new chicks.  They are growing!  I may have eggs this time next year.  Last week we lost one of our adult chickens to a neighborhood dog attack.  A second chicken lost her tail feathers.  She may have a bite on the top of her back, but she is holding on well.  The third one was not injured and gives moral support to the injured one.  We have a variety of colors and breeds with the new chicks.  

What projects are you working on?  I have some project bags ready to sew.  I hope to start a knitted pillow, another pair of socks, and a large rug.  

Have a great week!!!  Dawnie

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

2 Pair of Socks

I forgot to share with you my sock pictures.  The first one is cherry chip colorway from SMAK Super Fibers.  The toes are hand dyed and have sparkle. The manufacturer is unknown.  The bottom socks are made with yarn from Hue Loco.  The colorway is no longer available.  The toes have an added lace thread of Tussock yarn in the pink joy colorway from Purl Soho.  This yarn is made with 60% kid mohair and 40% silk.

The socks above were experiments on size of needles and number of stitches.  The body is plain.  I used an afterthought heel on both.  The heels are made differently on both pair.

Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie