Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lavender Pouches

For years I have made lavender sachets.  They are great inside a drawer or closet.  I recall someone placing lavender inside netting and lace and placed on a fancy clothes hanger.  When my son was younger we placed lavender essential oil on his inside wrist.  At times he would be so hyper and smelling lavender seemed to help him calm down some.  The essential oil was mixed with a carrier oil so it wouldn't be too strong and possibly burn his skin.  A lightbulb went off in my head today.   I thought it may help my granddaughters sleep better.  At this time, only one of them has issues with sleeping.  Part of this is due to poor sleep hygiene practiced in her home.  (Inconsistent bedtimes is actually called poor sleep hygiene.  LOL ) I should state that all of us in my family are very sensory and we smell and touch most everything.  That may explain my fiber obsession.  Rather than giving my granddaughters a pouch of lavender buds, I decided to hang one over their heads while they sleep; attaching it to the headboards.  It could also be placed inside the pillowcases.  To make the pouch, I used a 5 inch square from my charm packs and cut it down the center.   With the wrong sides together and the right sides on the outside.  I sewed 3 sides of the pouch and left the 4th side open to fill with lavender buds.  A charm pack is a package of 5-inch fabric squares used for quilting.  After filling these pouches, I sewed the last side and pinked around all edges.  I used about a quarter-inch seam allowance and I used pinking shears to pink close to the outside stitching.  To tie the pouch to the headboard, I sewed a 12 -14-inch long ribbon across the top of the pouch.  These are portable and can go into pockets and used when needed for adults or children.  The 4th side could be left open and tied shut with a nice ribbon bow, however; kids will open the pouches and get the lavender buds all over.  I also thought that a banner or bunting made with hearts would look lovely draped across a girls headboard and it would give off more lavender aroma since there would be several heart pouches.  


Let me know if you give this a try and how it worked for you.   Dawnie

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