Monday, June 26, 2017

TV and Movies Mimic Real Life

TV and Movies Mimic Real Life

I love to see things that interest me in a movie or on TV.  I watched a movie called The Meddler starring Susan Sarandon. In the movie, a man that was interested in her took her to his home to see his chickens.  Susan ate one of the eggs from his chickens and she mentioned that it was much better than the eggs from a restaurant she visited.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Trivial things

I love the look of  the contrast between a bright crisp white thread with a dark or bright thread.  The colored thread is Lizbeth 3 Peacock Blues.  The bright white is not practical to use in a kitchen, such as a pot holder.  One use and the white would have spots on it.  I decided to make a trivet instead, using bright white cotton yarn and a yarn with variations of turquoise and dark blue.  It can be for use under a teapot or on a dinner table under a warm side dish.  My sister is a jewelry maker.  She made me several charms last summer.  I am using one to dangle on this trivet.  It is a teapot with a deep blueish colored bead as the body of the teapot.  I love to crochet, but I like to make small things I can finish in a short time frame.  What about you?

Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Watch this to view my grand-daughter and learn about the Wheel of Fortune Ranch

I have probably talked about my grand-baby taking horseback riding lessons.   Now you can view her on the horse in the video below.  The video is the last few minutes of the Wheel of Fortune TV show from the 29th of May.  She is on this video 4 times.  Once when Donna leads the horse with her on it, once with the other kids walking around (she has a pony tail in this picture), once in her pink cowboy hat (her arm was in a purple cast), and once at the far right side of the screen for a quick shot.  Her plaid shirt shows in the shot.

This is a great place for children and adults to visit.  I love the quiet of the country and all of the animals there, especially the chickens.   This video is publicizing the Wheel of Fortune Ranch, which was purchased with the winnings from Donna Penley's time on the show after the tornado went through Haysville, Kansas in 1999 and Donna lost her home. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Trivets and trip to great grandma's house

 At Great-Grandma's house.  Playing ball with mom and dad.

2 duckies trivet

 pink trivet

purple and lavender trivet

yellow trivet

Aside from the button decoration, each trivet is crocheted with 100 percent cotton yarn.

Thank you for viewing.  Dawnie

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dream Home

If you are looking for a dream home, what do you look for?  I love older homes, especially Victorian homes.  The water pressure is probably poor unless the home has newer plumbing.  The electric outlets are minimum and it will need rewired.  The plug-ins are not 3 prong but are 2 prong.  Older homes have more character, but newer homes have more conveniences.  One of the reasons I like older homes is the older plants that are established and surround the homes.  You know what I am talking about, spirea bushes, lilac bushes, iris plants, climbing rose bushes, peony plants, weeping willow trees, fruit trees.....  What do you look for in a dream home?  Drive around and view old homes and mature plants.  My house is not Victorian, it was built in the late 70's   My wisteria started to bloom.  I have buds on rose bushes, leaves are greening up.  Spring is beautiful!!!  Some of my fond memories are with Grandma Johnson talking about the kind of plants she had growing around her home.  She grew Hen and Chicks.  I can't get them to grow.  Her favorite flower was an iris.  She had a border of lilac bushes and an apricot tree.  My Grandmother Shull introduced me to peonies and hollyhocks.  She had a large garden and many fruit trees.  I grew up picking cherries. 

Thanks for viewing!  Dawnie

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Whipped body butter and my recipe

A couple years ago I made whipped body butter.  I tested a recipe or two.  My first recipe melted at room temperature during the summer months.  The last one didn't.  I wondered how people would ship this body butter around the USA and it stay looking like it did when it was placed into a container.  I asked a couple of people and they stated it will stir right back up when it is cool.  To me that defeats the purpose of whipped butter.  I like it light and airy.  I don't make this butter to ship anywhere; however I will give it to friends and family.  Why do I like whipped body butter?  My skin is dry.  I like this to use just like a lotion.  Do you have dry heels?  Elbows?  Hands?  Lotion usually soaks in and leaves my skin is dry.  Lotion has oils and butters in it, but it also has a liquid, such as water.  With whipped butters, there is no added liquid.  My recipe is below.    

Whipped Body Butter by Dawn Jones
Heat sunflower oil and coconut oil in a microwave or in a double boiler.  Pour this heated liquid over the butters. It should help melt the butters, but cocoa butter is quite hard and you may need to continue slowly melting this mixture.  Once it has liquefied, place it into a bowl which is usable with a hand or electric mixer.  I have an electric mixer dedicated to soaping. Since the butters are organic and unrefined, I had to filter the mixture twice.  Organic and unrefined butters are not necessary for use in this whip.  You can use non-organic and refined butters.  There will be a different smell in the mixture since unrefined coconut oil smells of cocoa.  Cool the mixture in the refrigerator to where the oils and butters start to harden on the outside of the bowl.

This is what nut meats or skins were strained out in the butters.

Oils hardened around the outside edge of the bowl.
When this happens, scrape the edges and start mixing with your mixer.  If the mixture does not whip after mixing on high for a few minutes, place it back in the refrigerator to cool more.  Mix/whip this mixture until it looks like soft ice cream, but with more air pockets.  Add the tapioca flour, the mica, and the fragrance while continuing to mix/whip.  Mix/whip until this heavenly mixture is completely blended and place it into jars or containers.  Tap the bottom of the jar or container on a cloth at your table or counter area.  You want to remove excess air, but not break the jar/or container.  Add more mixture if you are able to fit more into the jar or container.   If you have looked at Etsy adds, you will notice the contents are piped into the container and an extra cup of mixture is placed on the top for photographic effects.  You should get at least 9 cups of whipped butter.  If there is not enough whip or fluff in your mixture, put it back in the refrigerator for a little while. Scrape the edges when you remove it from the frig, and whip on high speed for a little longer.

10 ounces organic unrefined shea butter 
10 ounces organic unrefined cocoa butter
6 ounces sunflower oil
6 ounces coconut oil
2 teaspoons tapioca flour
2 teaspoons colloidal oatmeal 
2 teaspoons mica (Stellar White and White Russian sparkle mix)
1 teaspoon of fragrance oil or essential oil.  You may want to start with a couple of drops and fragrance as you strong as you like your lotion.  (Reminder from an asthmatic:  People do not want to smell your lotion before you get into the room.)
Mica---optional  I have used Stellar White and White Russian sparkle mix, yellow, or pink.   
Whipped Butter.
Vintage rickrack, paper roses, strips of rose sparkle fabric, and a vintage button cover adorn these jars/containers.  The two jars on the left are new jars from Ball.  I think they call them friendship jars.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Waffles and Lace

Do you ever get on a kick and you make one thing for ages.  I am on that kick.  I do a little bit of other things, but I am on a washcloth, facecloth, dishcloth kick and I can't make enough of them.   I think my count is about 42 right now.  I make them with a DK cotton yarn and not the thick preaches and cream thick yarn that most people use.  My washcloths do not hold as much water as the thick yarn and they are not very large.  Between uses the washcloths should dry out to avoid bacteria.

When making my dishcloths/facecloths/washcloths, I have been using various waffle knitting patterns and lace knitting patterns.

 Have you been in a rut or made one item for a long time?  What did you make?

Which lace pattern do you like best?

I hope you had a great weekend!!!

Sweet grand baby 2

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