Thursday, October 18, 2018

Many Colors and Energized Twist

Am I the only one that likes to change colors and fibers after just a short time while spinning wool?  I like some variety every now and again.  I just crocheted a trivet with yarn made with many colors and kinds of wool.  This does include kid mohair, which is a goat fiber and not a sheep fiber. It is only one ply (strands put together) and it is what they call (in the spinning world) an energized single. The twists are the energy and can be a little harder to work with. When yarn is spun and taken off of the bobbin, it has extra twist and over twists on itself. It has what I think of as a bird's next effect. When wet or steamed in a stretched (not over-stretched) state such as on a niddy-noddy (tool to place spun yarn on when taking it off the wheel) or while hanging dry, the over twisting disappears and the twist is set.  

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New Yarns

It has been a while since I have posted some of my hand spun yarns.  Most of my yarn is made with wool straight from the farmer.  I scald (wash) the wool, dye the wool if I choose to, card or comb the wool, and spin the wool.  It takes a lot of labor to make hand-spun yarn.  Most of my yarn is lumpy bumpy and has added silk, or sparkle.  This is called art yarn.  I have hooks at home that I hang the yarn on.  They are displayed like pieces of art.
Example of a fleece I purchase.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Pumpkin Spice Handmade Soap

I purchased a new mold for making soap.  It is made with HDPE ( High-density polyethylene).  The bottom board has a lining made with silicone.   When I have purchased molds of this type in the past, the mold dividers were not long enough to reach the edge, allowing the possibility of a curve of the divider which would make odd shaped  bars of soap. These type of molds may also be harder to unmold.  I tried the new mold out this weekend.  After placing the batter into the mold, I grabbed the divider edge to lift the mold and give it a good tap to remove the air bubbles.  I wasn't thinking and I lifted the dividers off the base. Oh, sugar!  That was not a thing to do!  I had a major clean up to do on the table and the floor.  I was able to miraculously place the dividers right back into place and add more soap batter to fill up the bar spaces.  Whoosh!  It could have been much worse.  Next time I use this mold, I will place it on top of another board and give the bottom board the air bubble removal wacks. 

The soap took a little longer to set up enough to come out of this mold, in comparison to my silicone loaf molds.  The soap heated up a little too much and cracked the top of a few bars and a couple bars spewed out a little from a crack.  The soap bars remind me of pumpkin bread and how they crack down the center when baking.   I usually unmold my silicone molds in 8 hours or so.  With this mold, I unmolded it in  32 hours.  It really was pretty easy to remove the dividers.  I purchased the mold here:

This is the pumpkin spice hand made soap.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Using Nylon Buttonhole Thread in Spinning

I have been spinning some lace weight fiber.  I get bored easily and need to try something different.  That is why I vary the size of the wool, the breed of wool, and the color of wool I spin.  I also like to add to the wool some sparkle, silk, recycled sari silk, banana fiber, corn fiber, recycled denim, pineapple fiber, etc.  In the picture above on the bottom right side, the trivet is made from lace weight BFL fiber in mostly fall colors.  The skein of yarn on the top right is the same yarn as the trivet.  On the left side it is the same yarn, but it is auto wrapped with vintage nylon buttonhole thread as I was spinning the yarn.  The thread is allowed to do pretty much as it pleases and mostly dangles by the orifice.  There may be a lot of thread in one area and less in other areas.  It gives the yarn an interesting look. I loved the look of the yarn with the vintage cameo buttons.  I tried to give you a visual of them with the yarn.  The nylon thread will catch the light on occasion.  A brighter colored thread or a thicker thread would give the yarn more interest and zest.  I hope you have a great weekend!  Dawnie

More wool locks, etc.

I haven't made many things as of late.  I threw my back out and I spent several days in pain with a lot of Icy Hot patches and muscle cream along with some kind of muscle relaxer/pain pills.  I was a little out of touch.  I couldn't bend without major hurt in the lower of my back, especially on the right.  You just don't know all of the things you use those muscles for until you need them.

I finished one of the fireplace mantle cloths.  I made this one a little wider so it could be used on a buffet or a dresser.  If it is too wide, it can be easily folded on the back side.  This mantle cloth is for the fall.  It has tiny deer heads on it along with pastel leaves on a dark golden metallic brown background.  The reverse side has a burlap look alike fabric.  All along one side is long sheep wool locks.  They are kettle/rainbow dyed with primarily gold color.  There were also yellow, purple, brown, and orange colors in the dye pot.  I love the longer locks and the bling in the fabric!  I don't have a mantle, but my mom does, so I made use of it.

up close

This is a table runner I completed this summer.  I love the vivid colors.  It really makes a great mantle cloth too!

The harvest mantle cloth.  It has a blackboard-like background with vivid fruit and veggie pictures and canning jars.  The other side of the cloth has a coral fabric.  This is such a playful fun fabric.  I could see some canning jars on this the mantle or on a sideboard and this cloth used for a sideboard cover/cloth.

When making the mantle cloths, I needle felted the wool locks onto the fabric and then sewed the seams.  I think the locks will be less easy to pull off.

My grand-baby turned 2 and my mom turned 87 on 9/11.

I noticed all of the curls in my grand-daughter's hair.  All I can see is wool locks for spinning.  LOL

I hope you are all doing well.  Have a great weekend!  Dawnie

Monday, August 20, 2018

Needle Felting

I am still playing with the needle felting machine.  In this case, I crocheted a coaster from lace weight handspun yarn.  I used a cream and brownish ply for most of the center and a cream for the outside.  I kept looking at the coaster and the felting machine along with some new dark brown BFL locks.  I placed similarly sized locks under the coaster with the lighter side of each lock toward the outside.  I tried to space the locks the same all around. Then I  felted with the machine needles around the entire coaster just before the decorative edge.  When the needles went through the cream fiber of the coaster, small parts of this cream fiber came through the locks and felted them to the coaster.  I went around one more time just to make sure all was felted well.  The decorative edge is not felted and it rises just a tad bit.  I liked this look.  I may sew a vintage or vintage looking button in the center of the trivet.  

On my back deck airing out.  Ready for me to shake and wash.  It is a white-gray color.

What is on your needle, hooks, work in progress (wip)???  Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Did you ever want a fireplace mantle cover with a little pizzazz??? Look at this. It is fresh and exciting.

 New dresser scarves, buffet covers, or fireplace mantle covers with little fiber locks.

The beginnings of my buffet cover.

After I got this far, I decided to purchase a felting machine.  It is like a sewing machine, but it does not have thread, just felting needles.  Felting needles resemble fish hooks on the ends.  This allows for the wool to be felted or small amounts to be pushed to the other side of the fabric.

I tried the edge of a decorative pillow with the new felting machine.  It worked very well and goes much faster than by hand with 1 to 3 needles.  

The recent accident in Branson, Missouri where Tia Coleman lost 9 family members on a Duck Boat that tipped over, really got to me. I have been on vacation in Branson and have ridden on a duck boat. After reading that her deceased husband was found with all 3 of their deceased children and about the promise he made of always taking care of her and her children.  This family must have been remarkable!  Can you imagine the love and compassion this family had for each other! 
These are the quotes from the KAKE news article:"Somebody told me that when they found my husband, he had all three of my babies," Coleman told Anderson Cooper on "Anderson Cooper Full Circle," a daily interactive news show on Facebook Watch. "So the reason I couldn't find them is because he was protecting them."
"That right there will keep me fighting for my family forever," Coleman said. "To know that he did (was) exactly what he always told me when we first met: 'I will always take care of you and our children.'"   
I challenge each and every one of us today to stand tall and take responsibility for our children and grandchildren.  Model the correct behavior and show them the right way to care for family. 
My new powder puff.

I found a use for vintage broaches.
Interesting roving wall hanging

Fermented Suint Vat Wool Cleaning Method

There is a method of cleaning wool that is becoming popular, even though it is not a new method.  It is where wool is placed in water and allowed to ferment.  Sheep make suint which is their sweat.  This is a natural cleaner. One of the best places online to view this method is at:

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