Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine Basketball Homecoming

Yesterday I attended a basketball game between the students and the faculty from Chisholm Life Skills Center.  I was at the game because my son and his fiance were both nominated for Queen and King.  The game was so much fun to watch!  The Chisholm Life Skills Center has clubs and if you are a student and interested in playing basketball, you will play basketball as long as there is room for you in the club and you are physically able to do so.  Some of the students were very tall and others were very short.  Some were great players and others were not.  It is wonderful to see that all the kids in the club get to play.  The cheerleaders are not voted onto the squad by popularity.   It is the same way for the girls that want to cheer.   If they are physically able to do so and there is room in the club, those that want to be cheerleaders become cheerleaders.  One of the girls had to be directed on the way to face to lead the cheer.  It is so refreshing to see all of the kids support each other.  All of us have a set of talents unique to us.  Everyone should be encouraged to do what he or she desires to do and have abilities to perform.  My son was the first runner up or a Prince.  His fiance was crowned the Queen!

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