Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Whatch what you say when you are angry.

I wanted to share one of the reasons I try to watch what I say to others when I am angry or irritated.  When I was 12, I had a chance to go for ice cream with the neighbors.  I didn't ask permission because I was afraid they would tell me no and I didn't think my parents would notice I was gone.  They found out when we returned and I got in trouble.  I told my father that I wished he was dead, because I was punished.  I got my request.  He died in the night from a heart attack.  You can't always take back what you tell others.  You don't want hateful words to be the last words you tell someone.  I was so ashamed of what I said.  I know that I did not kill him, but I may as well have done so.  No one in my family ever talked about what happened, but I felt the "Shame on You" looks from them all.  Unless you want to feel the hurt, guilt, and shame I have suffered, solve your issues without hateful words being said.  Yes, you can tell that you are not happy with a situation, but you do not need to repeat it or to yell it with profanity.  If you look at me and tell me that you are disappointed in something I said or did, it will work better than if you yell at me and use explosive language.

Thank you for reading and I hope you and yours are truly blessed!   Dawn

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