Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cottages, Mulvane Old Settler's Day, and the Rodeo

I was shared a pattern of a house dishcloth.  I like to make washcloths to go with my handmade soap, so this pattern fit in with my Custer Cottage business name.  I have also collected cottages for years.  I like the English/Irish/Scottish cottages the best, but I also like Victorian.  I have cottage teapots, teacups, tea cozies, plates, a cheese dish, pictures..................  Did I mention plates?  Most of these items are functional, even though I use them for decoration most of the time.  Anyway, about the cottage/house dishcloths.  I have made three so far.  I am on a binge.  I tried the traditional cotton from Walmart.  I can't remember if it is Peaches and Cream or the other well known brand.  It was in a sale basket for .75.  I would tell you the brand name, but my dog picked up the left over yarn and hid it in her hoarder pile at the end of the couch.  LOL  It turned out fine, but I used larger needles than I would usually use and it is a big dishcloth.  The second dishcloth was made with something called I Love this Cotton yarn, purchased from Hobby Lobby for $3.29.  There is enough to make a second cottage. It was so very soft, but the color was not very bright.  I brightened it up with a pink poodle at the front door.  The third dishcloth/washcloth I made with Catinia yarn.  I purchased this yarn from Twist Yarn Shop for $5.25.  There is also enough to make a second cottage.   Is is a thinner yarn and not as soft, but the colors are vivid and make the dishcloth/washrag much brighter.  As I made these, I modified the pattern and added a chimney, made where the roof and the house meet more pronounced, and put a loop on the top.  Yes, I know that you are thinking the buttons could scratch, but they add so much to the cottage.  I could use the satin roses and they would not scratch dishes or skin, but I like the little button animals too.  I am sure I will make many different ones to satisfy everyone.

Our too small booth!  A friend came to visit and she is peeking out of the back. 

Kari my booth partner and friend

Look at the size of those bulls!

Larry with his grandson.

My first rodeo!

I had a booth with a friend at the Mulvane Old Settlers Days.  The town doubles in size during this festival.  We set up on Friday and took things down Saturday Evening.  Friday evening also contained an evening at the Rodeo.  It has been several years since I was last at a rodeo.  I miss hanging around with the cowboys.  My dad always wore western wear.  In the summer, my mother altered his western shirts making them sleeveless.  My favorite shirt of his was a bright blue plaid with a metallic thread through it.  Oh, sorry, I took a mental vacation, now back to the topic at hand.  Our booth was right next to the playground so it was easy to watch your children or grandchildren at that location, but the dust got on everything.  Other than the dust and the heat, the event was wonderful.  The town is very family oriented and friendly.  My friend sold tie-dyed baby clothes, crocheted baby hats, ribbons for little girls, sugar scrubs, and burp cloths, etc.  I sold my usual soap, wash cloths, pot holders, homespun yarn, tea cozies, sugar scrub, and misc. items.  We had too much for our space.  My canopy broke, so we were borrowing a blue canopy from another friend.  The picture I am showing you is from Friday when we were still setting up.  I was very blessed with help setting up from Kari's significant other, Jason, and from my friend Larry.  Thank you both!  Blessings to you all!!!   Dawn

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