Sunday, August 29, 2010

Camo Soap

Camo Soap---Does it blend into the background?  Charcoal is added to the soap  where the gray part of the soap is.  This is to absorb body odor.

Another rose Sunday Undie---A Loop is on one end and a dangle on the other.  It can be hung by the loop and if you want to hide the loop during use, it can be tucked under and it looks invisible.

I was wondering if anyone out there has the dating after 50 thing figured out.  The ones you are interested in dating are not interested in you.  The ones that you are not interested in dating are interested in you.  Some are too shy to approach another so they miss out on happiness.  Some are too forward and and they scare away happiness.  My late husband was ill for many years so I prefer not to date older men.  For that reason, I may miss my opportunity at happiness.  

This week I had a date cancel because I was not going to hop on the back of his motorcycle and drive off into the sunset.  I do not spend all of the time and effort getting ready for a date just to have the wind in my hair and bugs in my teeth.  Why do men think that women should hunt, fish, camp and do hobbies with them?  I don't know any man that will knit, spin wool, or make soap with me.  My son told me that it was, "his loss and my gain."  He was right, we spent the evening together and I am sure it was more intelligent conversation.

I am on Plenty of Fish dating site.  It is amazing the men that contact me and don't talk with me again after they find out that my 18 year old son is not moving out and going away to college.  Not all children are college bound.  My son has special needs.  He may live with me for many years.  I state this information in my profile.  Do they not read profiles, or do they think everything is a lie like in their profile?  Again it is their loss.

If you have this dating thing figured out, let me know. 

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