Sunday, August 1, 2010

Antique Finds

Goat In Cart
During a recent antique trip, I stumbled onto a couple of finds. One was a white porcelain tub with red trim. I plan to display my soap in the pan. The best find was a tea towel with a goat in a cart embroidered on it. I think displaying the goat milk soap in this pan with the tea towel would be cute. What do you think?

New Platter
Old Plate
I have been looking for plates with cottages on them.  A couple of years ago I found one with a crack on it.  Until now, I haven't seen another one.  This one is a platter and made by the same company.  This will fit nicely with my cottage collection!

Also, I made a batch of  Antique Lavender Rose soap.  Even with titanium dioxide to whiten the soap, it will be an antique lavender color.  The soap is setting up and I will cut it tomorrow.
Antique Lavender Rose Soap Ingredients: sunflower oil, coconut oil, lard, goat milk, lye, water, castor oil, shea butter, fragrance oil, essential oil, grapeseed oil, titanium dioxide, palm stearic acid, liquid silk, coconut milk powder, mica, pigment, cosmetic grade glitter

 I wanted to put a stamp on the side of my soap.  I have a sunflower, but I wanted to put a rose on the soap. Some of the stamps are expensive and I didn't want one just like everyone else.  My sister also makes soaps, (Banks of Noon Botanicals), and she suggested that I glue a button to a dowel rod and make a stamp that way.  It works perfect!  Thanks sis!

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