Thursday, June 1, 2017

Watch this to view my grand-daughter and learn about the Wheel of Fortune Ranch

I have probably talked about my grand-baby taking horseback riding lessons.   Now you can view her on the horse in the video below.  The video is the last few minutes of the Wheel of Fortune TV show from the 29th of May.  She is on this video 4 times.  Once when Donna leads the horse with her on it, once with the other kids walking around (she has a pony tail in this picture), once in her pink cowboy hat (her arm was in a purple cast), and once at the far right side of the screen for a quick shot.  Her plaid shirt shows in the shot.

This is a great place for children and adults to visit.  I love the quiet of the country and all of the animals there, especially the chickens.   This video is publicizing the Wheel of Fortune Ranch, which was purchased with the winnings from Donna Penley's time on the show after the tornado went through Haysville, Kansas in 1999 and Donna lost her home. 

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