Sunday, September 20, 2015

Salt, Brine, and Soleseife Soap

It is funny how someone makes a type of soap and everyone wants to make that kind of soap.  A couple of years ago everyone was making salt soap.  Most recipes call for 25 to 50% salt.  My favorite is pink Himalayan salt.  It is full of minerals and it is good for your skin, it also works to  exfoliate, it helps relax muscles.  They say it is good on minor skin irritation, detoxifies your skin, and it is good for calming nerves, etc.  I don't claim it will cure anything.  I do say you will enjoy your bath when you use one of my handmade soaps.  It's a fact, Jack!
An Apple A Day Salt Soap

Recently everyone is making a different kind of salt soap.  This is where salt is dissolved in water and used in making soap.  This soap is called Soleseife or Brine soap.   Most of this soap is made with high coconut oil.  It is one of the few oils that will lather with salt.   My version of this is the Peachy Keen soap.  It contains coconut oil, shea butter, and sea salt, along with the other usual goodies including raw cow milk.

Photos for the Week Here at the Cottage.

With salt soaps, unless salt is added as crystals, the soap tends to become a little ashy or white.  I noticed many soapmakers making white soleseife soap and the ash would not be very noticable with it.   

Antique Chicken Toy which makes a chicken clucking sound when pulled.

Quality Time with Great Grandma

Combs and Wattles

The start of a birthday gift.

All finished.

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