Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fisherman's Soap

What in the world is fisherman soap?  It is soap with anise essential oil fragrance in the soap.  This soap is dual purpose.  It covers up the fish smell from your hands and it attracts fish.  Anise smells like black licorice.  I was told that black licorice can be used by itself to catch catfish.  I am not a fisher woman, but I am a great catch.  LOL  Anise essential oil can be used to dip fish hooks into for attracting fish.  I have also heard of someone putting a little sea sand inside soap for an additional aid in scrubbing dirty hands.  I got some of my information from our UPS man, Bill.  He loves to fish and will be giving my soap a try.

I made a batch of fisherman's soap today.  I decided it needed to be a blue or blue-green color, like water.   I have a lovely omega blue mica, and I hadn't used any of it for a long time.  I decided that would be perfect.  It is a royal blue, but it usually is lighter in color when added to soap.  Well,  the bottle spilled, so I got more into the batter than I wanted.  Oh well, I am going to add some salt to the batter and it will make the soap lighter in color.  (My last batch of soap was much darker in orange and it is a perfect peach color.)   I added sea salt and I have been saving some Hawaiian Lava Salt for a batch of soap.  I added some of the black salt into this batch too.  It is very attractive!  I hope it looks as good after it cures.  The rule of thumb I use for adding colors into soap is to keep it light enough that the suds are not colored, or at least the washrag isn't colored.  I may have broken my rule.  I have purchased navy blue soap in the past and many kid soaps are dark and bright in color.  I am not going to worry if no one likes it.  I do.  LOL  I love eating black licorice too.  I wonder how long I can go without buying some black licorice.

After the soap cured, it was rustic looking with the ash through the entire bar.  This was after I planed the bar.  It is our favorite soap.

Gift from my brother who loves to garage sale. 
 How has your weekend gone?  I hope well.

I wondering if you use lard or tallow in your soap making?  What do you think about it?  Should I go to just vegetable oils?  I am not vegan, but I don't eat much meat.  I could never become a strict vegan.  I need, butter, milk, cream, sour cream, eggs, honey, etc.  What about you?  Dawnie

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