Monday, November 10, 2014

New Vendor Cart

Do you ever make a purchase and hope it was a good decision?  I love the look of vendor carts.  I purchased one at an on-line auction sight unseen.  It was a great buy and the delivery was not expensive either.  The kids cleaned out the garage to make room for my new purchase.  It was too tall to fit in the garage.  LOL  I could take the wheels off, but I will tarp it until I get a garage/barn put in.  I guess I will get it put in sooner than originally planned.   I plan to paint this and put my logo on it, but here it is:
  I think I could sell my wares from this.  I still have my pink awning in case it doesn't work.  The sides pop down and they become shelves.  There is lighting inside too. 

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I asked one of the kids to change the granddaughter.  I meant her diaper.  The kid brought my granddaughter in the living room a few minutes later and she had new clothes on her.  I didn't think anything about it until I heard that kid tell another kid that I told her to change my granddaughter's clothes.  I guess I have to be specific.   How was your week?  Dawnie

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