Monday, October 13, 2014

Bedroom Make Over

We are trying to re-do a bedroom without spending too much money.  We had wall damage from parrot chews in the bedroom, so we added texture to the wall.  It is not my wall treatment of choice, but I didn't want to replace the sheet rock.  I tried to convey the way to texture the wall to one of the kids, but it was placed on the wall too thick in spots.  I went over most of what was attempted and added thicker texture trying to blend it in.  I know G is learning, so I give him a little slack.  (He is a young adult with special needs.)  I have laughed and came close to banging my head on the wall during this remodel.  I try to give clear instructions, but sometimes they are lost in translation.  I drew a picture and explained trimming in.  I wanted the edge of the wall and the ceiling trimmed in with a paint brush.  The ceiling and the walls are going to be the same color.  It planned for them to be white, but I bought the wrong color of paint by mistake.  The paint can was opened, poured into the paint tray, and spread onto part of the ceiling before I was informed that it was tan colored.  Oh well, we went with it.  Anyway, I wanted the edge of the ceiling and the edge of the wall, including the corner (where the walls and the ceiling meet) to be trimmed in.  This is where the roller does not get.  I guess I can't explain myself very well because this is what I got. 
This painting project reminds me of the elementary school lesson of writing down all of the steps to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Can a person read the steps and perform the task if he or she hasn't ever made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

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