Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trumpet Vines

see the ants on this group of flowers


The trumpet vines have taken over.  I cut them back a couple years ago.  I have ivy, wisteria, and another kind of vine in the front of the house, aside from the trumpet vines.  If I don't cut back the trumpet vines soon, they will take over and cover the other vines.  I planted some trumpet vines in front of the chicken coop last year and it has grown all the way to the top of the coop.  

I ordered a shelf from an antique store in Oklahoma to house some of my collection of tea cups and tea pots.  I like cottages and flowers---if you couldn't tell.  The shelf is not decorated with the tea cups it will collect dust with on a permanent basis, but here is the shelf.  It blends in nicely and is almost the same make as my large tea cup shelf.

My co-worker and her best friend Squeeky.

I hope you have enjoyed your week.  It has gone very fast.  

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