Friday, February 21, 2014

Why do I like Frizzles?

I think the main reason I like frizzle chickens is due to the uniqueness.  Their feathers are curly and go all over.  Where most birds have feathers going down close to the body, frizzle birds have feathers going away from the body.  Most of the frizzle chickens we see are solid colors, but they can be any color or mixture of colors.  We had some beautiful roosters last year, but we had to take them to a farm outside of town since we are not allowed to have roosters in the city limits. 


Today I learned why I really like frizzle chickens.
 It is because I fit in.
Queen Frizzle.  Morning hair.  LOL

Have a great day!  Dawnie


My Life In Sweden said...

What a lovely and humorous post! Loved it. And you have created such a fun and inviting blog. Great job.

Have a lovely Sunday. :-)

I'll Pour said...

Thank you! You have to laugh at yourself once and a while.